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Hoen Lithographic Building 

(Cross Street Partners and City Life Historic Properties, developers)

 The historic Hoen Lithograph building, is being repurposed as a vibrant mixed-use complex in east Baltimore. When completed in 2020, the 85,000 square foot structure will provide job opportunities, job training, and neighborhood amenities and renamed the Center for Neighborhood Innovation. 


The building will also serve as a community hub, where  social entrepreneurs, non-profits, service providers, researchers, and community members will have a place to convene and work together to solve the issues facing our most distressed under-resourced neighborhoods.

Frontline Management Services has provided clean and safe services throughout all phases of this historic preservation development project and will continue to do so when it opens. We are proud of the positive change that this building offers the commuity and of our role to ensure that it  is an appealing and safe place to learn, work and visit. 

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