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Why Frontline

Frontline Management Services, LLC is the only locally owned and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified company in Baltimore City providing clean and safe services to enhance the quality of life, labor and leisure in urban communities. Our wide range of services, includes:

  • cleaning and enhancement services

  • Hospitality and community services

  • landscaping and grounds keeping 

  • building and property maintenance

Based on community need, uniformed patrols by a third party security service is also available.


Founded on community policing philosophy.

Frontline Management Services was founded in 2010 by Andre Bonaparte a former Deputy Police Commissioner with more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement. His approach to cleanliness and safety draws on a proven correlation between positive perceptions about physical appearance and safety based on the following key components of community policing:

  • Create a culture of safety

  • Create a defensible physical environment - a clean environment offers the reflection of a safe environment.

  • Involve the people that live and work in a community

  • Provide workforce training, volunteer and career opportunities for residents. 

"Our community policing approach honors the sense of history in urban communities and is sensitive to the experience of the people who live, work and visit there. Special emphasis is placed on building relationships and creating opportunities to influence pride, trust and teamwork among those we serve."

Andre Bonaparte


Frontline Management Services 

A Team of Experts 

Our team of experts provide leadership, management and consultation on all aspects of public safety and the delivery of supplemental cleaning and safety services. Members of our clean and safe teams are required to  participate in a comprehensive workforce training program to ensure we always provide quality, customer focused service and they are trained to  appropriately and safely perform their duties using the proper equipment and products. Whenever possible we hire residents of the communities we service


Community First


An important part of our mission is to support the sustainability and growth of urban communities through community engagement and outreach. We accomplish this through collaborative relationships  with community leaders, business owners and residents. We also lend our support to  physical improvement and special programs to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.


Frontline Management Services helped to initiate the planting of a community garden in the Eager Park Community. Members of the Frontline staff continue to work alongside the residents to provide care and upkeep for the garden. 

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