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East Baltimore Development, Inc. (EBDI)

The East Baltimore Development, Inc., (EBDI) is a 501 [c] [3] organization, established by the community, government, institutional and philanthropic partners to revitalize, re-energize and rebuild Baltimore communities.


In 2008, Andre Bonaparte, president of Frontline Management Services, was hired by EBDI to address high incidents of crime and to help stabilize a community slated for development.  Bonaparte, a 21 year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department, was sought out for his knowledge and expertise in community policing and for his crime reduction efforts in the historic east Baltimore community.His success in addressing and managing the complexities and dynamics of providing safety and hospitality services for the $1.8 billion project led to an opportunity to launch Frontline Management Services, LLC in May, 2012.


Frontline continues to serve as the exclusive provider of clean and safe services for EBDI, which includes Eager Park and  surrounding communities. 

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